Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother Review

We got the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother for my son.  We got the Elephant version.  There is also an Owl and a Portable Owl.

Besides working as something to help you baby / toddler go to sleep, this also acts as a night light.  It is not to bright, but bright enough for you to see where you are stepping.

Essentially this is a sound machine that you can set a timer too.  It can be 15 minutes up to whenever you shut it off.  We typically stick to 1 hour.

The lights that shine on the ceiling are clear enough to see that they are stars.  We have ours sitting on top of a dresser, so with 8 foot ceilings it does not spread out as wide as it would if it was sitting on the floor.  I can't set this on the floor because my son will pick it up and carry it around with him.

Overall it is a good product, I wish it had more music to it or a way to add your own music because I seem to only hear the Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star song.

About the Product:

  • Fully loaded baby sound machine features four lullabies and four nature sounds
  • Star and moon ceiling projection and glowing night light belly with dimmer control perfect as a nursery nightlight. Use power adapter with output 5.0 V DC, 550mA
  • Shusher sound machine is complete with a four mode auto-off timer helping babies fall asleep
  • Sleep soother lullabies and white noise nature sounds can be set to play all night helping babies sleep through the night

With plug-in power, this nightlight soother features a dimmable nightlight that emits a warm glow, our baby soother plays eight gentle melodies and calming nature sounds. An adjustable pivot lens projects a starry nightscape onto any surface so little one can see the luminous sky from his or her favorite sleeping position. Just choose the light and sound combination that's right for your baby and our sweet friend will do the rest!
- Serene stars & moon projection
- Glowing nightlight belly with dimmer control
- Plays four melodies (Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms' Lullaby, Rock-a-bye Baby) and four nature sounds (Rainforest, Jungle crickets, Waves, White noise with heartbeat)
- Choose any combination of lights and sounds
- Auto-off timer sets for 15, 30, 60 minutes or continuous play
- Plugs into any standard outlet
- Volume control
- Size (inches): 5.5l x 4.5w x 6h


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