EST January 2019

I am a Dad of 2 kids, 1 boy (born February 2017) and 1 girl (born December 2018), and I love doing reviews.

Want honest reviews without all those fancy ratings?  Well look no more!  Here you will find product reviews that are unbiased, honest, real reviews of products we have in hand and have tested.  I will not provide ratings for the products, I will let you decide based on how I review it.

Feel free to leave comments on the blog with your thoughts.

Links to the products are found within the Blog posts, either the Pictures and/or there are product links to Amazon.

I will also always include a section below my review with About The Product.  This is essentially what is listed on the website this product is listed on in the about the product section.

If you have a product you would like me to review, contact us with information regarding this product.  We will review anything, products, video games, apps etc.

You can either contact us through the contact form, or send us an email at brian[at]b-mys.com